Project Description



  • Early morning departure and travel to Tallahassee
  • Snack and juice are included en route
  • Visit the Florida Historic Capitol Museum
  • Guided tour of the new Capitol building
  • Boxed lunch
  • Challenger Learning Center
  • Early evening arrival back at school



  • Wakulla Springs
  • Florida State University
  • Tallahassee Museum
  • Museum of Florida History

Serving as the capital of Florida since 1824, Tallahassee provides many educational opportunities for all Florida students. Narrated tours of the Old and New Capitol buildings educate students on the past, present and future of the state. Combine with any number of other attractions such as a campus tour of Florida State University, an interactive space program at the Challenger Center or a nature and eco program at Wakulla Springs.

Florida Historic Capitol Museum

The Florida Historic Capitol Museum serves to illuminate the past, present, and future connections between the people of Florida and their political institutions through programs of civic education, historic interpretation, and preservation.

Challenger Center

Challenger Center transports students to a cutting edge Mission Control room and a high-tech Space Station. Whether their mission is flying to the Moon, intercepting a comet, visiting Mars, or studying the Earth from the International Space Station, students see classroom lessons brought to life in the engaging, dynamic, simulated learning environment.

Tallahassee Museum

Set amidst 52 acres of breathtaking Florida flora and fauna, the Tallahassee Museum has served as an iconic Tallahassee landmark for more than 50 years. Ranked as one of Florida’s top museums, the Museum’s living exhibits of native Florida wildlife, nature trails and native gardens are renowned by visitors of all ages. The Museum encourages guests to discover and learn about North Florida’s natural environment, rich history and diverse cultural communities. From amazing native animals and rare historic buildings to beautiful natural scenery to exciting public programs, special events, and educational programs, there’s something here for everyone.

Museum of Florida History

Opened in 1977, the Museum of Florida History collects, preserves, exhibits, and interprets evidence of past and present cultures in Florida, and promotes knowledge and appreciation of this heritage.

As the state history museum, it focuses on artifacts and eras unique to Florida’s development and on roles that Floridians have played in national and global events.

Through exhibits, educational programs, research, and collections, the Museum reflects the ways that people have shaped and reacted to their cultural and natural environments.

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