Project Description

Gradventure Universal Studios


  • Round trip motor coach transportation
  • Gradventure

Eighth grade students are finally ready to take it to the next level of high school. Gradventure provides a multitude of things for students & chaperones to do in a fun & safe environment. There are Dance Zones, street entertainment & special activities. Plus all the rides at Islands of Adventure & Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Orlando

Go behind the scenes, beyond the screen, and jump right into the action of your favorite movies at Universal Studios, the world’s premier movie and TV based theme park. At this real, working film and TV production facility you’ll find an amazing array of rides, shows, movie sets and attractions that put you right in the picture. Students have the opportunity to discover the science involved in creating the world’s most technologically advanced theme park. Behind The Adventure showcases the physics, technology, horticulture and general sciences that went into designing and building this state-of-the-art theme park.

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