Project Description

Disney Youth Programs


  • Afternoon arrival to enjoy EPCOT for the day
  • Laser and fireworks show tonight
  • Dinner coupon included for inside the park


  • Properties in motion program at the Magic Kingdom
  • Early evening departure for home


  • Additional YES Programs for $30 per person per program
  • Park Hopper


  • Magic Kingdom History & Physics
  • EPCOT Global Business & Technology
  • Hollywood Studios Entertainment Industry
  • Animal Kingdom Animal Care & Conservation

Disney Theme Parks are your learning laboratory! At the Disney Parks, innovation is the norm and creativity comes naturally. Their collection of standards-based, accredited field studies and educational seminars invite students to learn from their expertise. Feel physics in action on thrilling attractions. Team up to solve conservation challenges. Or explore careers and a new way of thinking with Walt Disney Imagineering. And that’s just the beginning. Put the magic of Disney storytelling to work in your lesson plans this year.

Explore, inquire and be inspired by the Disney Youth Education Series programs. Programs take place in the information-rich setting of the Disney Parks in Florida to give students – and their teachers – a hands-on educational adventure.

Disney Parks

Disney’s Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) transports students behind the scenes of Walt Disney World Theme Parks to showcase textbook principles. Students can be found swirling through G-force motion to test the laws of physics, meeting people and experiencing what life is like on the other side of the globe, and checking out all kinds of careers from business to acting. Each grade level will participate in one of the YES Programs that coincides with the curriculum being taught in the classroom! The following information will help plan for the trip.

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